Get to know who you are collaborating with

We love working with new clients and enjoy getting to know you and what you are striving for. In order to help you place complete confidence in us, we have created a short article to explain our team to you. We want you to feel as if you know us personally, and will always answer your questions if you think there is any information missing here.

The origins of the company

A small group of friends has gradually grown to become a team that is capable of helping job applicants everywhere. We realised we had a talent for writing from an early age and soon developed this to help other people get the job interviews and employment they really want. We honed our skills and studied various job markets to find out what makes employers tick and where applicants tend to go wrong in the hiring process. We have worked alongside successful businesses and job seekers to discover where things often go wrong and how we can help people develop their own potential with our documents. Using feedback from a large number of sources, we have created a process that is guaranteed to get you noticed, meaning that you will get more job interviews and higher chances of succeeding.

Our professional aims

Our objective is to help people just like you. We want everyone to be able to see their own potential and not let a CV or cover letter hinder their path to a successful future. Applications do not always show employers people’s best qualities, as a poorly written CV or cover letter can completely hide their most positive personality traits and skills. We want to use our knowledge to successfully link your background with the characteristics and skills your employer is looking for. We do this by creating and altering documents that will engage the reader and show them why you are the best pick for the role. The majority of mistakes made by applicants are so small that they don’t even realise they are making them. Our job is to spot these quickly and send you a spotless version within just a few short days.

Our personal motivation

Believe it or not, we actually enjoy the job application process. We understand that it can be extremely difficult for some people, especially when faced with lots of rejections due to a bad CV. Our knowledge of what employers want makes it easy for us to fill the gap and create the cover letters that you might have previously struggled with. We genuinely enjoy being able to help people and see how happy they are after landing their dream job. The best thing for us is when a client reports back to tell us how well they are doing, as this confirms that we have helped to change someone’s fortune. Let us take on the hard work for you and ensure that you get your foot in the door at the company you have been dreaming of.

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