How To Avoid Stress During A Job Interview

Everyone struggles with stress when it comes to job interviews. Adding to that stress is the knowledge that appearing nervous during the interview process can actually hurt your chances of getting the job – so knowing how to calm your nerves and reduce your stress can make a big difference in your performance.

There are some strategies you can employ to help get a hold on your anxiety, though. Use these tips to avoid stress during a job interview.

Schedule your interview early

Instead of dreading it all day and letting that anxiety build up, get your interview over with first thing in the morning. You’ll be a lot more confident heading in for your job interview if you haven’t spent hours worrying about it right before the meeting. The less time you leave yourself for negative thinking, the better!

Dress to impress

This doesn’t mean wearing your Sunday best – but dress professionally and in colors and styles that flatter you. Check your posture, your facial expressions, and your eye contact, to make sure you make a good impression as soon as you walk in the door. If you’re not sure what to wear, you can always call human resources and check – they’ll be able to provide you with some information about what to expect from the company and from the interview.

Stay healthy

You might struggle with nerves the night before your interview, so plan ahead and make sure you’re getting enough sleep for a few nights in advance. You can tire yourself out with vigorous exercise and relaxation techniques, to guarantee several nights of solid sleep. That way, even if you end up tossing and turning the night before, you won’t be running on fumes when you head in for the interview. Also, eat well in the days leading up to your interview, and make sure you don’t go in with an empty stomach.

Prepare yourself

Familiarize yourself with the company and the position, using Google and other social media to find out whatever you can. Let your friends and family grill you with potential questions during mock interviews, and come up with approaches to answer some of the more common interview questions so you can feel like you have a solid idea of what to expect. If you know who will be conducting the interview, you can even look up some information about them so you feel a little more comfortable sitting down to meet with a stranger.

Ask questions

This interview is just as much for you to get information as it is for them. Don’t be afraid to inquire about some of the things that might be causing you some concern, like your salary and when they plan to make a decision. That way, you won’t be sitting around worrying even after the interview is over. You’ll feel confident with your performance and you’ll know exactly what to expect from here on out.

With these stress-busting strategies in mind, you’ll be able to go into your job interview feeling confident and in control – giving you a leg up on the competition and hopefully helping land you your dream job!

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