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I was in a bind and needed a resume quick

So just the other day I found myself without a job. Budget cutbacks meant that I was on the chopping block and I didn’t really have much of a backout plan. I needed a solution and quick, because I wasn’t really able to afford being without a job for very long. I had heard of resume now from a friend who had used it a long time ago and he told me great things about it. It was time to check it out, I thought, and so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. This resume now review is all about my experiences with the site.

Resume Now - Is it simple to use?

At first it was like clearing a path with an ax. Resume now was simple and easy to use right from the get go. The resume now login page didn’t ask me for too much information and it was easy for me to breeze through the process and establish an account. Before I knew it I was already beginning to generate my resume, which actually proved to be pretty easy and efficient. Of course, the templates that they had were alright. I was hoping for something a little more stylized to my own personal taste but it was okay.

One of the more beneficial aspects of using resume now was that I didn’t have to worry at all about formatting or design. Easily one of the most difficult parts of doing it by yourself and it was a pleasure to have a computer do it all for me. I’m not very good at doing that kind of thing on my own, so it was great knowing that a computer could do it all for me. I was kind of expecting to be paralyzed with all the choices available to me but I was easily able to overcome it with the streamlined process.

Is Resume Now safe?

Safety, especially cyber-safety, has always been a concern of mine and I never once had to ask myself, “is resume now safe?” Right from the beginning I as ensured over and over again that the creators of the site don’t keep tabs on their information and they have an extremely sensitive and extensive security system that ensures proper transactions and security for clients. After I read that information on their site, I knew I could trust them and I didn’t really worry at all afterwards.

Fast forward to my actual resume: when I finished it, plugging in every relevant detail of work history into the computer, resume now was able to provide me with a beautifully done project that I definitely had no chance of finishing myself. I was happy because I was able to go on and send out a bunch the next day. It’s like I did not skip a beat – resume now let me bounce back a bit after losing my job, so that’s really great. I’m really glad I was able to bounce back and start distributing my resume to all my local businesses.

Some issues that I had

I wish that I was able to talk to someone personally about some specifics that I had though, because getting some additional customization and personalized touches on the resume itself would have been fantastic. Another issue is that I don’t know the best ways to write resumes and having an expert’s guidance would have helped a ton. I only wish that I had someone looking over my shoulder as I wrote it all out, because it probably would have helped a ton.

All in all I am pretty satisfied with my experiences with resume now because at the end of the day I was able to deliver my resume to a bunch of different businesses. It wasn’t as polished or as customized as I wanted it to be, nor did I really have any idea what to talk about. If this ever happens again I will probably spring to another resume writing service called Resumes Land at I have heard mostly positive reviews of these guys, so I think it's a good idea to give them a try. Hopefully they will do a better job.

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