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  • Resume done by an expert from the top 2% writing talent;
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  • Resume done by an expert from the top 2% writing talent;
  • Keyword-optimized to beat the ATS;
  • Formatted for immediate impact;
  • 50% probability of increase in response rate;
  • Cover letter that caters to all HR audiences;
  • LinkedIn account upgrade for faster response.
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MarthaConsultant with the Museum of Modern Art

Only a month ago I was an unemployed graduate with practically no place to live, suffering from low self-esteem for being broke and overweight. Now, thanks to these people, I have the job I didn’t dare dream of. The money I am earning is enough to rent digs and continue a fat-reducing treatment.

MathewCoder with a start-up

There’s been a high demand for coders for quite a while now. But it’s a hot field with tough competition. God I wish I had turned to these guys sooner. I was certain I didn’t have enough qualifications to apply. Well, their take on my resume got me the job. How cool is that?!

OliviaAccountant for building supplies

I have a five year gap in my work history. I was on maternity leave for three years and then I slipped into a housewife/mother role. I was kinda worried the gap would get in the way of my career. Thank you for proving me wrong. Turns out my skills are still relevant and useful.

KathyAnimation designer

I’ve rarely heard back from firms despite sending out my portfolio day and night. Upon a friend’s advice I had it reformatted here. I sent a polished version to a local gaming developer and got a call back the next morning with a job offer. I am so happy I have turned to these guys for help.

DanDeputy executive for an insurance company

I am a retired ballet dancer. Last year I completed a course in insurance law and decided to try my luck in a new career. With a resume as great as the one I got, I was given the greenlight even though I lacked practical experience. Well, I am a deputy now :)


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Personalized Resume Writing Service for You

What’s the most important part of a job application? In our substantial experience providing resume writing services online, we at Resumes Land learned that the most successful resumes are those that grab attention from the outset. The reviewer has to mull through hundreds of resumes. It can be a time-consuming process for them, and they begin to discard resumes that don’t give them something to get excited about. Generic CVs are a sure way to get passed to the bottom of the pile. We aim to put you on top. There are a lot of questions that go into what makes a particular candidate’s application better than others, and our resume writers are highly capable of communicating the answers to these questions.

So if you’re prowling the job market without much luck, it may be because the application you’re submitting isn’t up to par when it comes before a recruiter or hiring manager. Our services are affordable, and they’re meant to shine a light on the page with your name. Resume writing online is what we do, and we’ll be glad to help you draft an excellent CV to send off to potential employers.

Meet our resume writers online

Before we start talking about the specifics of what to do to make your candidacy stand out, we want to introduce you to our team. We are a professional group of experts who come from diverse academic backgrounds. Above all, we share the commonalities of English as a native language, and we’ve been through the gauntlet of hiring many times before. Some of our best writers are in fact recruiters themselves, so they know exactly what a strong application looks like.

It’s about more than just knowing how businesses hire new employees. It’s also important that the people we bring aboard our team to deliver our services to clients like you know how to do it, and have done so before. We interview each new resume writer to ensure that they have the communicative abilities to deal directly with clients. We also want to be sure that they can produce the kind of copy that clients expect. So we demand a writing sample that demonstrates their capabilities. These tests allow us to filter candidates for experience and expertise. As often as we can, we try to match a resume writer’s professional and academic experience to the client’s. So if you’re applying to a job as a software developer, we want someone with tech experience to take on the creation of your application. They know what’s missing at first glance.

Our resumes catch the hiring manager’s eye

Clients of Resumes Land return to us regularly. An important consideration is that no two resumes are alike. It’s crucial that each one is tailor-made for the person behind it, and the job being applied for. That’s why we’ve developed a delivery structure that clients greatly appreciate. It allows us to give you one-on-one attention and results in highly customized CVs. It begins with you. You get to choose the writer who will take on your project. How’s that for personalized resume service? The reason we want to give you this option is because we know how stressful this process can be. We want you to trust in our ability to do this work well, and to do that, we give you autonomy in the direction this interaction takes from beginning to end.

Once we begin, you will receive resume help from the professional directly. Through our in-house system, your CV takes shape. Throughout the lifespan of the project, you will receive instant e-mail updates on progress. Though we are highly confident in our capacity and knowledge in the professional world of business hiring methodology, we are also open to your input. Through transparent interaction, we can focus our efforts to craft from the ground up an application that has high chances of success. Our resume service exists thanks to this client-provider relationship, and we aim to maintain this indefinitely.

How we do it

To be truthful, half of the battle is establishing an effective creative process. We work directly with you, thereby ensuring smooth communication between us. The other half is expertise, clear and simple. We do resume writing online because we’re good at it, and because our clients get the positions they’re after.

Employers want a concise document that demonstrates the three key interests: experience, education, and direction. We construct CVs as storyboards. They need to guide the reader through your experience and leave them with the impression that the next logical step in your career is the job you’re applying for. They need to be awed not only be what you’ll bring to their company, but how you’ll bring it, which is illicit in the construction, organization, and wording of your CV. Our resume writers can deliver.

More reasons to choose our resume writing help

Our resume writing service is dedicated to completing your project on time. We have discounts available that make our already affordable package even cheaper. But that’s not all. We also offer free revisions. This is part of a broader understanding between us that this is in fact a collaboration between you and our professional. There is no barrier between you and this professional, and you will be in direct communication with them throughout. We guarantee satisfaction with the resume help we provide you. Our clients are much more likely to get an interview thanks to our intervention than not.

So get in touch with our resume writing services today, and we’ll get to work on getting you that job.

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