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Here comes the final inquiry: "Do you have any questions for me?"

So you've made it through the job interview, and now it's winding down. That's when the questioner comes at you with a left hook. At first it seems like a question in passing, especially how she phrases it, but in truth it's as important as any other. Don't fall for the trick and assume you shouldn't ask anything. You should. If you don't have any questions at all, not only will you not convince the person that you are right for the job, but there's no possible way questions should not occur to you about a job that you truly want. Given, sometimes it can be tricky to come up with questions, but that's why we're here. will help you conceive of pertinent inquiries that demonstrate your candidness and knowledge of the sector.

The reason for this interview question

So why do recruiters and HR people sneak this question in at the end? There reason is three-fold. First, they really do want to make sure that they're clearly presenting the position, expectations of the role, and the wider company goals. Second, it's a sort of ad hoc test of your enthusiasm for the role. You have to be careful not to seem like your groveling, but you can ask pointed questions that display prowess in the job interview. Third, your questions will help them improve their processes in the future. Beyond that, perhaps you'll reveal something that helps them improve their job posting. Not all their motivations concern you directly, but it will work in your favor if you ask questions that help them achieve their goals.

Examples of "do you have any questions for me" answers

So what should you ask? As always, this depends on the industry, the position, and your experience. If you're entering a role you feel 100% about, then you can ask questions that pertain to company culture in a tone that might suggest your confidence. If you're entering a role what title is different than your current one, it behooves you to seek an answer to questions like "might you elaborate on the day to day responsibilities of this position?" or "what do you most expect from a professional in this role?" These questions will demonstrate your eagerness to understand precisely what it is you are applying for. To show that you care about the wider company, you might want sample answers to a question like: "What are the main challenges to the company right now?" One thing we recommend to our clients is that they practice questions that might apply to the person across the table. This is a human interaction after all. So ask something like "What do you like about working here?" Get them involved, show them you care that it's them you're dealing with. You should also be interested in the process itself. "Do you have any questions for me?" Yes: "What comes next in this interview process?"

Comb the internet for more ideas, but revert to the experts

At, we recognize that we do not exist in a vacuum. We seek out new questions to ask that might help our clients revitalize the process, and win them the position. However, our capabilities are born of experience, and we know what works and what doesn't. It's absolutely essential to ask questions of your interviewer. The very best answer to any question is accompanied with level enthusiasm and a smile. We will help you come up with the best way to trigger just that.

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