Give them a great response to “Why do you want this job?”

Although this seems to be a relatively easy question to respond to, there are actually a few things that might trip you up, such as focusing on the wrong things or looking too desperate. The key is to make the employer want you, so you need to sell yourself in a way that both shows you are keen and highlights your abilities at the same time. Use the following recommendations to pre-plan some answers for any upcoming interviews you may have.

Do research to answer “Why do you want this job?”

Show the person conducting the job interview that you know enough about the role to be certain that you will be the best option. Discuss different aspects of the job on offer and tell them how you know you would be successful at them. Look at the company’s website and make sure you are aware of their background information and figures, as this will show them that you have a genuine interest for a potentially long-term career with them. The best answer you can come up with is one that demonstrates that you agree with their future plans, as this will mean that you could be a great asset to helping them achieve them.

Show interviewers that you are a good match for the role

Be specific when you talk about the different things you would be expected to do. Prior to the interview, make a list of all the things the company wants, and then look back over your work experience and find any relevant links. For example, talk about how you carried out similar tasks in previous roles (if this is true) and even went on to receive a promotion or recognition for your good work. If you can show the employer that you already know lots about the job and what it entails, they will be confident that they won’t have to spend extra, unnecessary time training you. Why do you want this job answers should always have good links to what you have done and how you can be of service to the company.

Explain how the company will benefit

It is really important that you avoid making this response all about you, as it will leave you looking selfish and disinterested in the company and the role itself. Even if you are only applying for the job for financial reasons, keep this to yourself and find something else that has drawn you to the role. Even if you are just looking for a few hours working in a small shop, focus on the customer service aspects and how you enjoy working around people. The job interview may be quite basic for this type of role, but the employer will still be looking for someone that impresses them and will make them more money.

See our sample answers before your interview

  • I like the focus on Social Media Marketing, as this is what I was working on in my last role. It will be interesting to use my skills and learn from the way you do things differently.
  • I am interested in developing my knowledge on the private sector and I read that you are expanding your work there in the coming years. I can use my extensive knowledge on the public sector to help you while I learn.
  • I love working with children and have recently completed a diploma in childcare that I hope to put to good use. My experience with under threes will be extremely useful with your large groups of babies and young toddlers.
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