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Since our inception as a resume writing service in 2018, we have helped over thousands of job seekers - 98% were invited to job interviews after sending out their resume.

A significant portion of applicants were promoted to better positions; about one-third of all hires had little to no prior working experience.

Get Top 2% Experts to Help You

It's a long way to the top 2% - see what it takes your resume writer to get there.

100%Candidates applied

Resume check

Step 1 is to check applicants’ backgrounds, and our screening process will give even the pickiest ATS a run for its money.

34%Candidates left

English test

A single spelling error in a resume may cost you the job - that is why we seek only high-proficiency English writers.

15%Candidates left

Phone interview

As former hiring managers, we know exactly what questions to ask our candidates to see if they are fit for the job.

9%Candidates left

Test assignment

Applicants are filtered out through a real-time writing challenge.

3%Writers left

Continued excellence

Experts' performance is evaluated on the percentage of job seekers who have sealed the deal. Writers below 90% are out.


Get the top 2% experts help you reach your career ambitions with an immaculate resume.

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Beat your competition with a winning resume and be the one who gets hired.

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